Hardware And Networking Course in Hyderabad

Hardware And Networking Course

hardware and networking training

Nowadays, people cannot imagine life without a computer. Computer professionals are high in demand as the computer revolution is becoming an open area. Networking and hardware have become a promising career option, with more manpower in this segment. We, at  Mobile Training along with the project impact, claims to offer the latest and up to date networking and hardware course for our aspiring students. Our hardware and networking course in Hyderabad is designed keeping the latest IT changes, in mind. The course’s syllabus is mapped well with some initial certifications, from renowned names.

Get into our course highlights:

For the betterment of students and help them to make the ultimate choice, our courses are divided into various subcategories. Defined as the best hardware and networking institute in Hyderabad, we are here to help you through our promising guidance and make the correct decision.


Our courses have different timing modules, solely depends on the packages you have chosen. Some programs are available for one year, where else; there are other courses, associated with two years of diploma or degree course.

  • PG Diploma or Diploma course with project impact
  • Special certified courses non-networking and hardware with project impact
  • Special classes, as designed by some of our industry veneers
  • Application of newest and up to date forms of devices and hardware technologies
  • Windows 2003 Server with server configuration
  • Windows 2008 installation of Server Linux
  • Individual modules as associated with security purposes
  • Modules, as mapped with Global Certificates
  • Free service camp for some beneficial aspect of student
  • Free CBTs and with well-researched study materials

Some targeted industries for you:

Go through our best institute for hardware and networking course in Hyderabad, and you have so many jobs, right in front of you. After you have come across some of our courses and have apparently passed our certified courses, a bright future awaits you. All our courses are based on some targeted industries, where you can mark your footmark after moving our industries. Some of our targeted industries are:

  • Core IT
  • Manufacturing unit
  • Consumer electronics
  • R&D
  • ITeS or BPO sector
  • Education and telecom areas
  • System design
  • Finance and banking sectors
  • Insurance categories

Career option for you, if learn Hardware And Networking Course

There are different forms of career options, which you are likely to come across, after coming to terms with best computer hardware training institutes in Hyderabad, like us. We have some exceptional career-making options for you, and with packages, which are just unbelievable. After you have passed out our courses, some career options, waiting for you are:

  • Member of help desks supports team
  • Being part of Desktop support means
  • Network and customer support systems
  • Server supports strategies
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Administrator of server
  • Engineer with a customer support strategy
  • Security professionals with emergency help
  • Networking support engineer
  • Network engineer, solving various hardware problems
  • System administrator

The packages are unbelievable high, and only renowned companies have seats vacant for you. As we have tied up with some of our hardware and networking coaching centres in Hyderabad, therefore; the courses are provided by none other than well-trained professionals from our side. As we have project impact handy near your hand, therefore; you can always get a practical demo of our courses, too.

Outline of our courses:

Our good courses are practically divided into two major modules to make it very helpful for aspiring students. These modules are provided by trained professionals, who have been associated with hardware and technical courses, for more than a decade now. Check out our modules, as listed below:

  • Module 1:

Troubleshooting and PC maintenance feature: This platform is subdivided into two major areas, and those are operating system and core hardware.

  • Module 2:

Networking technology: Divided under networking essentials and networking operating systems, the second module is meant for hardware programs.

You can either choose any one of the modules or can opt for both the modules if you have time in hand. However, opting for both the modules, at the same time, is not possible. Once you are associated with a single module from our site, you can always expect complete dedication from our skilled professionals.

Be part of our exams:

Learning the most certain courses from our side is not the end of your package. You are even invited to take an active role in our examinations, which we hold internally. Through this exam, you will get to know more about your competitors and the challenges you are currently facing. Defined as a leading hardware and networking training institute in Hyderabad, we ensure to hold not just one but more than one exams, to help you prepare for the final rounds. Once you pass our exams, you are all set to get certificates from our side.

Some tests to follow:

The test series are divided into three major areas, and those are two years of test series, one year of test series and mock test. Mock tests are practically going to take place after each of your course’s completion, just like class tests. On the other hand, we would like to make a test series, at the end of your course year, just like the final exam in any institutions.

Paper wise tuition meant for you:

There are some other paper wise teachings, which we have in store, for you. Here, a practical syllabus is made by our team of experienced workers. You can even choose the papers of your choice, and customize the program, according to your will. Through our online courses, our experienced professionals will take a look at your program first and provide you courses, accordingly. Now our courses are practically available online, without wasting much of your time. You can opt for the courses anytime, and finish it at your new will.

Why choose us?

Even though the competition is quite tough, there are some reasons to choose us, among others. We have top global certifications, under a single package. All our trainers are authorized partner of some reliable companies. We have already been termed as one of the best hardware and networking training institutes in Hyderabad, with both PG diploma and other possible diploma courses, meant for you. We are always happy to help you!