Work on The Technicalities of Mobile Repairing

Work On The Technicalities Of Mobile Repairing To Assist In The Business

learn mobile repairing

 Striving to a marketplace when your most required component is suffering from a specific type of congestion is something that is strenuous. Well, you might be thinking what the aspect you may be hearing about is? Well, the only component that can be so important is your cell phone. Finding the right place for repairing your phone is something like getting a candy shop after walking for yards. However, the present use of phones has made the telecommunication open their service centers on all probable stops. But the factors that can be worrying are the time limit that they often take.

The telecommunication community has so increased that they are practically more in the area than the grocery shops. But in spite of that fact, the problems that are faced by these service centers are sometimes too hard to deal with. Essentially, it is necessary to get a repairing center that will help people to get their phones to fix with ease in simple cases. When you have bigger cases, it is essential that you need to choose the ones directly from the brand. But, on the other aspect, you can easily seek help from the local shops repairing Mobiles.

If you think that your locality is missing one such miscellaneous shop where the LCD of the phone could be repaired, or the speaker could be repaired. Well, you can genuinely start a similar business in your locality if you wish. However, prior to that, it is essential that you get that exact knowledge of Mobile Repairing from any local institute or through any online institute. There are different approaches in which this particular aspect should be learned. Know the technicalities and avoid the concept that you will do business.

Definitely, you are learning this for an earning but, you also need to understand certain aspects that once you do not set a benchmark, you can never do that. Once people are aware that yes, you are one of the best repairers, you never have to look back at your business. As said by all, that hard work is the only way to success and therefore you too need to prove that. Once you do not learn the technicalities of the phone well, you cannot research on the faults of the phone that the public comes up with. Hence, apart from the business propaganda or the strategy of the business, it is the work quality that becomes primary to your success.

Noting another aspect, why would people come to you leaving the authentic places? Well, the primary aspect of Mobile repairing is that you may be serving them faster than the company service centers. Secondly, you may be dealing with the problems at more alow cost and sincerely advise them with certain tips individually in order to keep their phone in the correct state. But other than that, there seems to be no reason why a person will readily choose you to give their important possession. Hence, make sure that you keep an updated knowledge about the phones as the models are changing rapidly.

Know The Truth About Hardware and Networking Course

Know The Truth About Hardware And Networking Course

hardware and networking course in ameerpet

Seeing the surge of development in information and technology, you may decide to pursue your career in computer networking. But before you enroll your name with any of such institutes teaching networking courses, it is important that you know all of the course, its fees, duration and much more. It will ensure that you are not taken for a ride and fooled by the several big and small institutes that claim to provide the best of knowledge. You must know that institutes finish such courses usually within the duration of anything between six months to a year.

But the truth is that several good institutes finish the same curriculum comfortably with three months only. These institutes conduct longer lectures slightly and take classes more days in a week to finish the course. Therefore, the duration of Hardware and Networking course depends on whether the institute is prolonging it or not by having more classes of shorter lectures. This is the practice among many institutes as they can squeeze in more batches and therefore earn more money. The fees are also comparatively higher than any reputed institutes that have state of the art lab and classrooms for the students.

Longer course duration means that you will not be able to start earning for those many extra months of study. Apart from this, there is also the risk of being outdated and lag behind the rapid rate of technological changes and development. Your qualification may not be up to the level of the knowledge that you should have at that specific time. Therefore, it simply does not add up to linger a course, and it certainly does not give you more knowledge. So, you must know about the course well and find a reputed institute to study so that you will not only have the right knowledge but can also start earning quickly.

When you choose a course which is for a shorter duration, you also save a lot of money in the process as you do not have to pay for those extra months. But for all this, you have to select a reputed institute which will have large airy classrooms, labs which are fully equipped, one PC per student, concise and comprehensive training programs and much more. Apart from that, a good institute will provide you with full support during the course duration and will also be flexible enough so that you can have the best of knowledge.

Such reputed institutes also help in your job placement and recruitment and even goes beyond to assist you in case you have any problems in the job. The faculty for Hardware and Networking course will be highly reputed and qualified to impart with the best of knowledge. They will offer lectures with simple and understandable ways so that you understand it well. There are several such institutes, and you must read the review and ratings and is better to go for institutes that have a high success rate in terms of job placement after the completion of the Hardware courses.

Things to Know About Hardware and Networking

Things To Know About Hardware And Networking Course

hardware and networking course in ameerpet

Somebody commences on the fact that the present university students have lessened the number of students pursuing the conventional courses. Most students opt for professional courses or technical courses. Well, you too can note it with an example from your nearby environment. But, the question is that, do all students pursuing technical courses are happily in established? Well, probably no. In fact, it is the dedication that leads the student to a designated position. On this note, it is important to understand that the course you are pursuing is something that you are interested in.

When the entire world is talking about technology and the scopes in technology, it is obvious that you can likely choose the Hardware and Networking course for your future studies. But there will be a big question in front of you. Definitely, there is ample scope for you after pursuing the course, but to a certain extent, you will be responsible for how well you establish with it. The hardware studies are something that relates to the entire configuration of the computer. Not about the language, it is about the working of the computer that you need to study. Thus, when you work on the malfunctioning, it is the faults that you have to work on.

A similar concept works on the networking course. The course includes all the details about the data and the connections that include the local area connection and the wide-area connection. However, it is essential that you note which section you want to pursue that can help in your career more. There are opportunities to take up careers even on both. This would be tough as you need to enroll yourself into some advanced course. On attaining both the courses, you will be readily given ample opportunities from the different firms with both the definite knowledge.

However, the time comes when you need to worry about some of the institutes from where you pursue a degree in such a specific course. It is efficiently needed that the place you choose needs to be technically correct. In fact, it is also essential from your end to understand the practicality the institution will provide you with. Probably no technical field needs something bookish knowledge to be executed. But this particular field can actually test a person’s analytical skill. The hardware can be wrong at any point with any kind of fault. Hence, you need to develop that analytical skill to understand the faults and figure out the issues.

The networking will itself help you to find out certain institutions that are probably best in teaching you the Hardware and Networking course. However, the facts and figures about the colleges should also be a concern when you are thinking to take this up as a profession. The reviews about the institutions, the faculties, the professional hitch, the practical help, and about the placement are something that will help you in the process. However, apart from all you need to get the passion for all those configuration works and about the area connections architecture.

Help From Mobile Repairing Center

Time To Procure Help From Mobile Repairing Center

mobile repairing course

You are about to invest a lot of money while buying a smartphone. The latest kid on the block with so many exciting features is enough to blow your mind. Not only that but the products are said to last for ages. It means you have to invest money once and take good care of the smartphone, and it will run smoothly for years now. So, you must think about the times when you need the help of a smartphone repairing firm. What are the times, when you are left with no other option but to rely on these authorized centers? This is a vital question, and the answer is mentioned in this article.

Mostly, smartphone users come up with a challenge of a software update. If you happen not to upgrade your phone on time, then you might easily face some challenges later. But, if you have Wi-Fi connectivity at the place, then it is not that difficult for you to deal with the upgrading system. You just have to connect your smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity and click on the “upgrade” button. Your phone will start running as good as new. For this, you might not always have to take the help of a servicing center. But, if you do not have a Wi-Fi environment, then you might have to take help of them.

But, sometimes, accidents might lead your phone to screen scratches or breaking of the back cover. These are some of the problems which you cannot handle without any proper expert help. Simple repairing won’t work over here, and you have to deal with the experts for replacing the entire screen or back of the phone. For that, you are left with no other option but to join hands with Mobile repairing center for help. Once you have enrolled your name and the problem with the service station, experts will offer you the best replacement package.

Most of the time, such replacements need you to keep the phone with them for a few days. If the service is not crucial enough, then you might not have to provide the phone over here for more than a few days. But, on the other hand, if the problem is crucial, then you might have to stay without your phone for one week or so. If all depends on the present condition of your phone, and what can be done for its proper functionalities. You can deal with small scratches, but a broken or shattered phone screen is an absolute no-no.

Some of the Mobile repairing centers might help you with videos, so that you can learn to repair some petty issues by yourself, without even asking for their help. So, now you do not even have to visit the center to get the professional’s help. You just have to log online and receive the best services without fail. You can go through the videos, which will discuss your problems elaborately. Follow the steps as mentioned over there, and get your phone repaired in the most promising manner. You will love what you will get!

CCNA in Hardware and Networking Course

Understand Importance Of CCNA In Hardware And Networking Course

hardware and networking course in ameerpet

There are so many modules, associated with networking courses, among which, CCNA is a crucial one. It is mostly related to switching and router and defined as an IT certified course, mainly from Cisco. This certification training is primarily set to be an associate-level training, all the way straight from the Cisco career certification. In this training session, the experts would like to offer you practice in the best ways to help you implement and further manage the Cisco internetworking. Some of the basic points, included in this panel are LAN switching technologies, IPv6 and IPV4 routine technologies and network fundamentals.

In case, you are planning to learn more about the infrastructure service, security, and infrastructure management; then the CCNA routing team is the best sorted out help for you. This is again defined as the most effective curriculum, whose design is solely based on the existing CCNA router and switching needs of experts. It will match the current exam pattern, as well. If you want to gain in-depth knowledge and idea on this sector, then you better start your research soon. Moreover, always look for those course modules, which are the purely solid base with a theoretical aspect to it. You will not go to learn about it unless you are sure of the services.

Thanks to the practical based CCNA Hardware and Networking course, you will get to learn what exactly the industry wants from young workers, like you. This training module is designed to help you provide in-depth skill and even knowledge for managing the current Cisco Switches and routers. Moreover, it further helps in clarifying the theoretical aspect, relating to the advanced networking mechanism. This is an ideal course for setting up the WAN and LAN packages and even to offer the latest switching and routing technologies to the clients.

Depending on the most recent changes taking place, the course module is said to change accordingly. This course is well-equipped with the CCNA skill, which every student is about to get after joining hand with this course module. After going through the courses well, they might land up with the opportunity to become the next network engineer. They might even enjoy their new role as the network administrator job, working in the core with the networking values. Whether you want to join hands with IT or ITES or even the non-IT sector, this course is going to offer you some attractive benefits, which are hard to forget or get rid of.

This CCNA course from Hardware and Networking course are going to start by comparing and even finding the contrast between the TCP or IP models and the OSI. The same contrasting section is also associated with the UDP and TCP protocols, as some of the other features, waiting for you to provide the ultimate help. Moreover, you will even be asked to check out on the impact of current infrastructure components in the said enterprise network and also deal with the effects of cloud resources on the present architecture of the corporate network.

Starting with The Basics of Chip Level Training

Starting With The Basics Of Chip Level Training And Laptop Repairing Course Before The Advanced Ones

chip level training in ameerpet

Chip level training seems to be an easy task, but in reality, it is just the opposite. Especially for novices, working on-chip level is somewhat crucial, if he is not aware of the right points. Once he has, then learning through the course modules seems to be an easy task, after all. But for that, you have excellent faculties and trained professionals to back you up. With their unending support and 24 x 7 query solutions, you will hardly find it difficult to run smoothly through the basic courses and even the advanced ones. It is rather going to be a life-changing experience for you.

Starting from printer chip level service to the laptop chip repair services, there are loads of options available around here. All you have to do is go through the promising course modules first, before jumping for the chip level training session. You might even want to learn more about the courses, placed under the laptop repairing center, for some immediate help. These are some of the interesting points, which every novice needs to be aware of, before coming to any final points. This step will further help them to know whether they are capable of handling any severe case or not.

You always need the necessary skill and the urge to learn more about the Chip level Training and Laptop Repairing Course. If you do not have that point in mind and that urge to be a prison chip-level management, then this course is not meant for you. You are about to receive the best training sessions, intended for the individuals in various fields so that they can imbibe them with the necessary skills and knowledge of this course. It is the job of an expert faculty to guide its students towards the path of success, and old coaching centers will help you with that, too.

Sometimes, you need a separate training for the computer Chip Level Training service, along with chip level services. In case you want to know more about the mobile repairing course; it is better to get experts to handle it for you. You can even deal with the networking and hardware training experts to manage the case, with ease. There are some updated and standard forms of programs available, which will help the individuals to learn more about the basics of advanced techniques along with the said principles, relating to hardware and networking. These are meant for primary learners, who are new in this field.

After you are through with the basic course, it is time for you to handle the advanced courses and give your name for the Chip level Training and laptop repairing course. Here, these courses are meant for professionals who want to make a big name in this regard. The updated and competitive programs are best noted for advanced workers in this sector. The training courses are innovative and will further help in working out with lots of individuals. So, making a future is easy when you have an expert course behind your back, to support you.

An Integral Part of Hardware and Networking Course

Computer Fundamentals Form An Integral Part Of Hardware And Networking Course

hardware and networking course in ameerpet

So, you have finally made up your mind to join for the Networking Courses, and bag the role of a networking engineer. It’s a good choice, as this field is becoming a craze among youngsters, these days, with lucrative salary packages. But before you get to join any of the course modules, you must know the areas, it covers. It will help you to understand whether you are happy with the result or not. If you are not, then you better try for other routines. And in case you are, you might want to choose the best module in town.

The course starts with a description of computer fundamentals. Here, you will learn the basic of this routine, which starts with the basic concepts and then finally build quickly for the intermediate skills and some amazing techniques. There are some hands-on and practical tutorials available, which will enable students to develop their unique skill sets. The lesson in this course comprises of an objective, which can only be achieved with the help of this tutorial and its completion. As this is an informative, rich world, so learning the basics of computer usage is mandatory, for every human being. You will come to know almost everything associated with computers and more.

There are a unit 1 of the computer fundamentals, which forms an integral part of Hardware and Networking course, around here. This package mainly deals with the history, associated with personal computing, followed by basic yet key building blocks, associated with the computer and real meaning behind the operating system. You will even get some ideas on Microsoft Windows and lastly on the technology along with the said future, in it. Other than that, you will further come to know more about the computer, along with its said associated around here, for sure.

Other than the points already been mentioned, you will have a specified course module, dealing with knowing computer. First of all, it starts with the real meaning of the computer, followed by the primary applications of the said computer components of the core system. You will further come to learn about the central processing unit or VDU, as some of the other values, available around here. Try to find out more about mouse and keyboard, like other sessions of this course module under output or input devices. From learning about computer memory to the present concepts, revolving around hardware and software, everything will be covered under computer fundamentals.

As another important part of this Hardware and Networking course, you will get to learn more about the ways to operate a host device with the help of GUI based OS. Here, the first question, revolving around your mind is all about the operating system. You will not just learn about that, but will even get to know the basics of the current popular operating system. There is another user interface procedure available with the help of the right button service of a mouse or moving icons on the screen. You will learn about the proficient use of standard icons and status bar, from the same module.

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The Best Mobile Repairing Course

Procure The Best Mobile Repairing Regarding Broken Screens

mobile repairing course in hyderabad

Your screen forms an integral part of your mobile. It is a significant proportion of the display, without which your phone is useless. Nowadays, all the modernized smartphones have their gorilla glass and other textures, which help in creating HD quality display on those 5 inches or 6 inches marks. But, people are not always careful while handling their phones. So, there are many times when they have accidentally slipped the phone away from their hands. It fell suddenly on rock-solid ground, and a shattering noise is enough to stop your heartbeat. The other parts of the phone might have registered the shock, but not your screen. It has been shattered into pieces.

So, now the display of your phone is ruined. You cannot make out what’s the screen is showing, as everything becomes hazy and hard to read. So, you are left with no other option but to go to the repairing stores, who have years of experience in handling your mobile repairing services. No matter how crucial the problem is with your phone, they are always ready to help. And the best part is that these companies have already worked with so many mobile phone screen problems; therefore; working on your issue will not be a difficult task for them.

At first, you need to make sure of the right kind of Mobile Repairing Center, whose service you are willing to take. Do not go for any unauthorized center, and always look for the official center of the brand, whose smartphone you are currently using. There, they are going to offer you an original screen in place of the one, already broken. Broken screens cannot be repaired, and need to be replaced only. So, you might even have to take help of the best firm, offering you the finest possible service with mobile-related repairing solutions.

After they have replaced your old broken screen with a new one, the experts will provide you with warranty service. Within that period, if you ever come across any challenge with the new screen, you are entitled to get a free service from the authorized service centers. But you can get these opportunities from authorized centers only, and not if you have taken help from any unauthorized screen dealers of mobile phones. So, it is always asked for you to deal with the authorized service only when it is about repairing your mobile phone around here.

No matter whichever company’s phone you are handling, the reputed suppliers of Mobile Repairing screen will offer you with original products from the said branded unit. You will love the value, waiting for you to unleash. Once you have done that, it will be easier for you to deal with the best mobile repairing solution of all time. So you will get original products from one platform, so you do not have to roam around from one center to another. As these firms are accredited enough, so you will not face any problem while dealing with the repairing solutions around here.

Hardware and Networking Course

Get To A Profitable Career With Hardware And Networking Course

hardware and networking course in ameerpet

Being hardware professional is a highly lucrative career option. As more and more people becoming technologically advanced, therefore; the computer is being an incredibly important part of their lifestyles. There are so many unusual types of hardware and networking services available. After using your device for years, it is quite common for you to come across some problems. You can solve those problems only after procuring help of hardware and networking expert. If you want to be that expert and earn in thousands, then better get yourself enrolled into a course first. These courses are designed to help you get the vital package of all time.

Always look for the certified courses, which are designed to train fresher with some of the latest technology solutions in the market. Through the Hardware and Networking course module, you will come to learn more about the core hardware genre, along with its operating systems and networking values. Not only that, but you will further come to know the most valuable solution of all, that is data security. It helps in managing some of the most common devices of all time. Some basic examples are printers, desktop, routers, laptops and even switches. Over here, you will get to learn about all of these, with ease.

The main aim of this course is to target and developing fresher student into this field of technical ready professionals. Only an expert is asked to design these course modules, which solely depends on the growing competition along with the increased challenge in the present world of today. The reputed course on hardware and networking will always cover top-notch global form of IT certification, which comprises of fundamental ideas of the computer hardware and even A+ networking solutions. You will even come to learn more about the Networking panel under N+ and CCNA under the routine and switching services.

Other than theoretical knowledge, you will be trained in practical essence as well, while dealing with the Hardware and Networking course modules. These skilled based solutions are not just meant for the enterprise, but also for the SOHO sector. After completing the program successfully, a student is said to land some prestigious job, currently as your desktop support engineer. After completion of the course module, you can even bag jobs with other titles, like hardware network engineer, supportive helpdesk engineer, and even simple network engineer. The jobs are not just lucrative, but you will be paid a certain significant amount of money, at the end of every month, or so.

So, if you want to bag the best job and earn lucrative results, then you better want to get along with the experts first. These experts run efficient course modules, which will further help you to build a career later. If you want to learn more about these packages, then avoid wasting any time, and get to the core values of networking solutions. You can even get to find out more about the course modules, after filling up the inquiry form. Click on the submit button, and you are ready to go.

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Mobile Phone Problems & Solutions and Way of Checking

Problems & Solutions Of Mobile Phone Repairs Guide

mobile chiplevel repairing

1.No Network?

No Network Problems

One. outside network inside no network

Two. Networks jumping

Three. Networks are full, but no calls are connecting

Four. No network at all

Five. Networks come phone off

Six. Calling time no network

Seven. Emergency call


One. Outside network inside no network

open phone check Antenna & Antenna tips

two.side buzzers ok

check whether they are connecting correctly or not

heat network section{Antenna tips pa RX tx rf 26mhz }

flash phone pm files

replace Antenna switch and p a

same solution for 2 question

Three. networks are full, but no calls are connecting

check another SIM card

reset and format

software UI settings

heat pa & RX & tx

heat RFIC

replace 26mhz

Four. no network at all

check another SIM card

check network manually settings

open phone check Antenna and tips

clean carbon dust

heat network section

follow the tracks make a jumper

software updates pm files

replace Antenna switch

replace pa change pa

Five. networks come phone is off

first, check another battery

flash phone & UI settings

heat pa replaces pa

heat nearest components of IC

change pa

Six. All-time no network

reset and format

heat network section

flash UI settings replace pa

Seven. emergency calls

reset and format

jumper Antenna tips short them

heat network section

flash UI settings

2. Did an Operation Fail Camera?

Problems in China phones not ready

camera module not ready

reset and format

open phone clean camera tips

if soldering tips

flash phone

heat nearest components

change camera

3. Camera Features Not Supported?

the camera on stand by

reset and format

flash phone & UI settings

open phone clean camera tips

replace camera

change camera

4. Black or White Display Open Camera?

problems 1

Two. open camera phone hang

Three. open camera phone restart

Four. in Samsung phone camera review error

Five. cameras not clear

Six. cameras dim

Seven. reverse direction

Eight. images were not saving

Nine. images are not showing

Ten. open camera negative shades

11. cameras on del some data

12. in Sony Ericson open lenses cover

13. in the Motorola phone camera busy try later

14. cameras working flashlight not working

15. camera general features not supported

16. camera shaking


One reset and format

flash phone

open phone clean camera tips

replace camera

change camera

same solution for 2 & 3 question

3 Samsung phone preview error

reset or format

check another strip if a slide

replace camera

flash phone

change camera

same solution for 5 & 6 question

clean camera glass

the clean camera lenses

replace camera

change camera

7 reverse camera

rotate phone

check camera settings

reset & format

flash phone

8 select one option

{ phone memory or MMC }

reset & format

flash phone

same solution for 9 questions

10 first check camera settings

keep in normal

reset and format

flash phone

replace camera

change camera

12 reset & format

check camera strip

make a jumper

change strip

same solution for 13 question

14 first check settings

reset and format

open phone check flashlight

2side value ok

if the flashlight is black change, flashlight

check flashlight tips

1side value 1 side nothing ok

check nearest components

if components damage changes from another dead board

heat components

make a jumper

same solution for 15 questions

16 open phone check camera

loose or tight

replace camera

heat nearest components

change camera

5. Memory Card Not Supported?

Mammary Card Problems

1 memory card corrupted

2 MMC card was not showing

3 when inserted MMC phone restart

4 insert MMC phone hanging

5 insert MMC phone working very slow

6 insert MMC phone dead

7 in China phones MMC format

8 china phones were not showing


1 first checks another MMC

reset and format

open phone clean MMC connector

heat nearest MMC components

flash phone

replace IC

change IC

same solution for 2 & 3 question

4 scan MMC in system

format MMC

reset and format

open phone clean MMC connector

heat nearest components

flash phone

same solution for 5 questions

6 format phone

format MMC

7 check another MMC

soldering MMC connector

heat nearest components

follow the tracks and make a jumper

change MMC connector

6. Insert the SIM Card?

check battery lose or tight

check another SIM card

check battery connector

check SIM connector values

1 side buzzer 1 side nothing 4 values

heat nearest components and IC

replace IC some phone diode

change IC

follow the track make a jumper

7. Contact Service?

first flash a phone

open phone check PCB conduction

and clean if dust

heat flash I c

heat power IC nearest components

after confirming flash customer phone

replace flash IC

change another flash IC from the dead board

8. Bluetooth Problem?

Bluetooth problems

1. device not found

2. searching failed

3. sending failed

4. Bluetooth not on

5. Bluetooth not ready

6. Bluetooth error

7. Bluetooth on phone restart

8. delete some device

9. Bluetooth symbol was not showing

10. Bluetooth busy

11. Bluetooth not active


1 first check phone visibility

reset and format

open phone heat Bluetooth with paste

flash phone

same answer for 2

3 first check memory space

flash the phone and UI settings

heat Bluetooth section

replace Bluetooth antenna

change Bluetooth antenna

4 reset and format

open phone clean dust

heat Bluetooth section

flash phone

some answer for 5 6 10 11

7 reset and format

flash the phone

heat Bluetooth section

8 check device list and delete device

reset and format

flash phone

9 check data sending or not

reset and format

flash phone

9. Local Mode Test Mode?

open phone & clean charging section and hand free section

heat charging section and hand free section

replace a charging connector

change charging connector

flash phone

10.Handsfree Problem?

first, check a profile

reset phone

open phone clean carbon dust

heat nearest components near handsfree section

replace connector

change connector

flash phone

{ car mode phone }

reset phone

open phone clean dust

heat nearest components near handsfree section

replace connector

change connector

flash phone

{ insert hand free phone restart }

check another handsfree

reset and format

heat hf section

replace hf connector

change connector

check components if components damage changes components

{ handsfree symbol was not showing }

Check another hf

soldering hf connector

heat nearest components

replace connector change connector

some phones IC heat it replaces and changes it

11. Phone Heat?

calling time

normal time

charging time

while playing mp3 and video

first, check another battery

open phone check charging connector

replace a charging connector

heat pa

replace pa

12. Are Phones Hanging?

phone blinking

SIM insert phone restart

open any folder phone restart

phone working very slow

reset and format

flash phone

open phone clean carbon dust

heat flash IC

heat power IC nearest components

flash phone

replace flash IC

phone blinking

first, check another battery

loose or tight

remove MMC and check

reset and format

flash phone

heat flash IC replaces flash IC

13. Phones Dead?

water damage

fallen down

working phone

first, check three points


on /off switch

battery connector